5 Fun Senior Portrait Ideas

Every adult has one, the senior portrait in the suit or black dress (or rather, the imitation suit or dress top the photographer brought as a prop), the awkward smile, the slightly dated background. Today’s seniors are more creative than ever before, and we are eager to personalize and recreate senior portraits to truly stand out and showcase your student.

Creative senior portrait ideas don’t have to be bizarre. In fact, they draw on the best senior portrait traditions, just slightly better. Both parents and their kids can agree on the gorgeous portraits these ideas produce. When you work with me as your photographer, I will give you a modern take on the classic senior portrait.


One way to create a unique portrait that suits your senior is by arranging the session in a lush outdoor setting. The natural environment can add fun variation to the session by presenting more opportunities for diverse environments and flattering contrasts. These will be especially great in the fall and spring seasons.


Does your senior have a favorite pet or a great relationship with their sibling? Meaningful bonds like these last a lifetime. What better way to honor these heartwarming relationships than with a gorgeous portrait! Take advantage of the opportunity to create a lasting memory of the relationship your senior cherishes the most.


Many seniors want unique photos with bright hues, sharp contrasts, and architectural twists. We can help seniors pick a landmark that offers a compelling background. Colorful doors, local art, and brick walls can all be ideal settings for senior portraits. For an even more attractive photo, outfits can be coordinated to the setting.


Rather than taking senior portraits in a spot your senior does not really like, they can choose to take their pictures in their favorite high school spot. Do they love the library? Can’t get enough football? Spend all their time in the yearbook room? Try planning a portrait session at school. Ten years from now, when school is in their rearview mirror, the image will bring back memories that were long since forgotten.


If you senior is looking for something around town that he likes to visit often or that hightens their sense of style, then a few places around town would be a great option. The theatre, coffe shop, restaurant, ice cream parlor, parking garage, museum, and the list can go on forever! The options are limitless!

Not sure where to begin with a senior portrait? Do you know that your senior wants something different, personal and fun? I can help with that! I can craft a portrait session that tells a story as unique as they are and allow you to keep those memories forever in priceless heirlooms. Click here for more info about joining: The Senior Collective photography experience.


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